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The links and information below provide more information on state projects, permitting, industry topics, and more.
Environmental Regulation
Both building and highway projects will likely need environmental permits before they can begin. The following are links to the various permitting agencies within the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. These permits govern state regulations, and it is advised that project owners check with the municipality for any local regulations or ordinances that may be affected by their project.

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (homepage)

Permitting Departments

Proposed & Recently Adopted Rules
Building Resources
Administrative Services
New Hampshire's Administrative Services is the governing body for state construction projects. Many state construction projects are bid through the Department of Public Works. The following links will provide information on state construction policies and procedures.

New Hampshire Administrative Services (homepage)

State High Performance Design Standard (A NH developed alternative to LEED)

State Building Code Review Board
New Hampshire employs a state Building Code Review Board that oversees changes and additions to the state's building code.

Building Code Review Board (homepage)

Statewide Building Code
Highway Resources
Department of Transportation
New Hampshire's Department of Transportation oversees the maintenance and repair of the state's highways and bridges.

New Hampshire Department of Transportation (homepage)

Prequalifications Package

Highway Specifications

Additional Highway Resources
Additional Resources & Literature

Building Information Modeling (BIM)
BIM is becoming a larger part of the tools of construction. The modeling allows designers, contractors, and owners to visually see pitfalls before they occur. AGC of America provides several resources on BIM, including the BIM forum. Click here to visit the BIM forum.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is the choice for many project owners when they want to certify their projects as energy efficient and environmentally sound. The U.S. Green Building Council's website provides information on the different rating scales, and what it takes for an individual to become LEED certified. Click here to learn more about LEED.

Lean Construction
After BIM and LEED, lean construction is next industry innovation to take hold. This process involves making the entire construction project move as efficiently as possible. AGC of America provides a number of resources on Lean Construction, click here to visit the Lean forum.

Design- Build
Design- Build has taken root in both the highway and building sectors of the industry. The Design Build Institute has a number of resources to further educate commercial construction industry members about this process.