Associated General Contractors
of New Hampshire

Associated General Contractors of New Hampshire


The Owners' Kit

A collection of resources that will help guide a successful project. These resources are useful for both project owners who want to learn more about the different project delivery methods and the right questions to ask, as well as contractors who will perform work for potential owners.

Owners Guide to a Successful Project

Taking on a new project for the experienced or first time owner is a daunting task. The Owner’s Guide is a comprehensive booklet designed to ease concerns associated with construction projects. From the start of a project to its end, many questions and problems can arise. Choosing the right General Contractor is the first step towards the completion of a successful project. The contractor has the reservoir of experienced personnel, expertise in cost control and estimating which was gained in undertaking work at his own risk.

This booklet outlines the procedures, common problems and questions associated with construction projects to aid owners, consultants, and others in the successful completion of a project.

It covers several important topics: Selecting Your General Contractor/Architect/Engineer, The right questions to ask, Contract Methods, Which type is best for your project, Includes a chart showing a side by side comparison of the different methods, Guide to a Successful Project, Covers the most common questions, Construction Practice, and Defines common terminology and practices used during the project.
Click here to download the booklet.

Primer on Project Delivery Methods

Developed jointly by AGC of America and the American Institute of Architects, this document gives a more in-depth look at the major project delivery methods used in today's construction industry. Click here to download the booklet.