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Associated General Contractors of New Hampshire

Lobbying Efforts
The commercial construction industry faces tough governmental laws and regulations. Although necessary for continued economic development, some view the industry as a destructive force, especially in the environmental and labor arenas. AGC of NH is the voice of contractors, working with legislators and agency leaders to combat restrictive and burdensome regulations.
Environmental Reforms
Environmental legislation and regulations are some of the toughest barriers the construction industry faces. AGC of NH believes it is important to protect the environment, but also believes there needs to be a cost benefit analysis done before new environmental regulations are put into place.

The Association works actively in the legislature to propose and oppose environmental legislation that would affect the commercial construction industry. Most recently the AGC of NH proposed and passed a statute of limitations for wetlands fill and dredge violations, and established wetland mitigation banking legislation. The Association also supports the extensions of fill and dredge and alteration of terrain permitting.

Increased Funding
Public funding for construction is an important part of maintaining the strength of the industry. For highway construction, that funding comes from the state gas tax and motor vehicle registration fees and the federal gas tax and transportation authorization legislation. At the state level, AGC of NH continues to advocate for greater funding, and opposes measures that will cut funding. For building construction, the major source of public funding comes from Bureau of Public Works and the Department of Education’s School Building Aid Program. AGC of NH has advocated for the responsible use of the School Building Aid Program.
Protecting Employers
Employers in the construction industry are subject to several regulations, such as workers’ compensation insurance and employee verification among others. AGC of NH understands that in order to do business effectively and efficiently, employers cannot be tied down by costly regulations. In the most recent legislative session, the Association advocated against making the E-Verify system mandatory, arguing that how employers verify legal employees should be up to each individual employer. AGC of NH was also instrumental in protecting seasonal workers’ unemployment compensation benefits when legislation was passed that removed their sixteen week exemption. Looking towards future legislative sessions, AGC of NH would like to establish a medical fee schedule for workers’ compensation costs and create a voluntary registration system for independent contractors.
Each year the Association produces a Legislative Report that highlights the major bills that were introduced at the start of the session and their status at the end of the session.
Training & Continuing Education
Today’s construction industry demands proper training and continual education. With AGC of NH you have instant access to education and training programs to meet this demand.
Flagger Training
New Hampshire’s Department of Transportation requires that flaggers working on state-funded road construction projects be trained in accordance with their specification. AGC periodically offers a “train the trainer” course, allowing you to send employees to this class that can then train other employees to become flaggers. The class is open to non-members, but members save one-third off the non-member price!

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires individuals working on construction sites with hazardous materials to complete either 40-hour or 24-hour HAZWOPPER training, depending on their level of involvement. AGC of NH offers companies an easy and convenient way to satisfy this requirement through the Virtual University. The Virtual University is an online program that allows individuals to complete necessary trainings in their own time, and for less than traditional classroom courses. In addition to HAZWOPPER training, there are over 100 different courses to choose from. Visit the Virtual University for the complete course listing.
Project Management
Effective project management is key to longevity and profitability in the construction industry. AGC of America offers two week-long courses for senior and mid level project managers. Each course offers invaluable information that will help your company succeed. Members can save around $1,000 dollars off the list price for these courses! Visit for more information.

Industry Innovations
Lean Construction is the newest buzzword in the industry as owners and industry professionals look to complete their construction projects more efficiently. AGC of America, AGC of NH’s national organization, is a driving force in educating contractors about Lean Construction. They currently offer an online Lean 101 course that introduces concepts, and are looking to develop a comprehensive training program. AGC of America is also a pioneer in the Building Information Modeling and green movements in the industry. Get in on the ground floor, and gain the competitive edge! Members receive special discount pricing on many educational and informational online courses and webinars offered. Visit for more information.
Video Safety Library
AGC of NH’s Video Safety Library is available for members’ use when they need to enhance their safety training programs with visual aids. Videos are a great way to help make employees visually aware (in some cases gruesomely aware) of the dangers of negligence or inattention on the job.

The Video Safety Library spans a wide range of topics from personal safety to working with heavy equipment. The informational videos will make your safety training sessions easier to follow, and increase the retention rate among employees.

Video Safety Rules & Regulations
Video Safety Library Catalog

Please Note: Video use is for members only. Please review the Rules of Use before borrowing a video.
Plans Room
AGC of NH maintains a plans room that houses many of the state’s major projects both highway and building.

A Plans Room & Low Bids Newsletter accompanies this service. Please visit the
Publications page to learn more about this newsletter and the many other publications AGC of NH offers.

Please Note: Plans Room use and the Plans Room & Low Bids Newsletter are for members only.
E-Mail Notifications
AGC of NH members receive e-mail notifications of important news alerts, special offers, and upcoming functions and trainings. This member service allows the Association to keep the membership informed about the latest happenings at AGC of NH and within the industry.