Associated General Contractors
of New Hampshire

Associated General Contractors of New Hampshire

Enhanced Member Listing Advertising
Rules & Regulations
  • Advertisements/Logos will accompany the member listing on the website.
  • The advertisement will run for 12 consecutive months.
  • Must be an AGC of NH member in good standing. If a member rescinds their membership, nor refunds or proration will be given and the advertisement, along with the listing, will be removed.
  • Advertisements must be stationary. No animations at this time.
  • Enhanced listings will appear in the Contractor Database, as well as the general member listing. Only the logo/ad will appear on the general member listing.

  • All advertisements must be sized correctly. Web advertisements must be supplied in an electronic format with the following specifications: 200 pixels (height) by 400 pixels (width), 150 dpi, RGB color format and as a jpeg, gif file, or photoshop file.
  • Please provide a contact name, e-mail address and phone number in case we have questions.
  • All ads and logos must be emailed to the AGC.
  • For an additional fee, we can work with you to design your firm’s advertisement. Contact AGC for more information.
  • For specification questions contact AGC.

Associated General Contractors of New Hampshire - 48 Grandview Road, Bow, NH 03304 - (603) 225-2701